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How Schools Can Provide Affordable Coworking Access to Teachers?

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The need for teachers to have access to collaborative workspaces and professional development opportunities has grown in recent years.  Many teachers find themselves working in isolation, without much interaction with colleagues.

Coworking spaces provide an affordable solution for schools to give teachers access to a supportive community and resources. They can also provide training on useful technologies like online school management software that helps teachers collaborate and communicate with parents.

The Benefits of Coworking for Teachers

Coworking spaces offer numerous advantages that can enrich a teacher’s experience, including:

  • Collaboration and community. Coworking spaces facilitate collaboration and community-building among teachers who may feel isolated in their own classrooms and schools. Teachers can brainstorm ideas, get feedback on lessons and projects, and share best practices.
  • Professional development. Coworking spaces often host workshops, speakers, and other professional development activities. Teachers can easily access these opportunities by working out of a coworking space.
  • Flexibility. Teachers can use coworking spaces outside of regular school hours for grading, lesson planning, meeting with students’ parents, etc. The flexibility empowers teachers to manage their workload efficiently.
  • Work-life balance. Access to a professional workspace outside of the classroom allows teachers to better manage the demands of their personal and professional lives.
  • Resources and amenities. Coworking spaces provide infrastructure like high-speed internet, printing and scanning, conference rooms, as well as beverages and snacks to make teachers’ work lives easier.

Making Coworking Affordable for Schools

The cost of coworking spaces may seem prohibitive for cash-strapped schools and teachers. However, there are creative ways schools can partner with coworking spaces to make access affordable:

Negotiate Discounted Rates

Coworking space operators are often willing to negotiate special rates for teachers and schools. Discounts may be given in exchange for marketing and promotion to parents, students, and other education organizations. Schools can also leverage their bulk buying power for greater discounts.

Sponsor Teachers’ Memberships

School districts can set aside professional development funds to sponsor a set number of teacher memberships at coworking spaces. Sponsoring 10–20 memberships can provide space for collaboration days, teacher training, parent meetings, and more.

Trade Underutilized School Spaces

Schools can offer use of their spaces (auditoriums, media centers, etc.) during evenings and summer breaks to coworking space operators in return for free teacher memberships. This helps schools generate revenue from unused space.

Seek Sponsors and Partners

Schools can seek sponsors among local businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations to fund teacher memberships at coworking spaces. This promotes community support of schools and provides marketing opportunities for sponsors.

Utilize Discounts for Students and Educators

Many coworking spaces offer discounted memberships for students and educators. Schools can compile lists of such opportunities to share with teachers for subsidized access.

How Schools Can Provide Affordable Coworking Access to Teachers?

Best Practices for Implementation

School administrators looking to provide coworking access to teachers should keep certain best practices in mind:

  • Survey teachers to assess their needs and interests related to coworking spaces. Find out which amenities and professional development opportunities would add the most value.
  • Research local coworking spaces and vet them thoroughly. Assess the location, infrastructure, member community, pricing options, etc.
  • Start with a pilot program for a limited number of teacher memberships to test feasibility. Evaluate the benefits before making any major, long-term commitments.
  • Develop partnerships and agreements with coworking space management to ensure excellent service delivery for teachers. Communicate requirements clearly.
  • Promote available coworking access options for teachers. Communicate the opportunities, benefits, application procedures, terms of use, and other program details.
  • Solicit teacher feedback frequently. Ask for input about what’s working well and what could be improved to maximize the value of the coworking program.
  • Track data and metrics about program usage, teacher satisfaction, costs, etc. Reporting on metrics can help make the case for continued funding.

Making the Most of Coworking Spaces

To gain maximum advantage from access to coworking spaces, teachers should:

  • Attend the training and orientation offered by the coworking space. Learn about amenities, guidelines, community events, etc.
  • Introduce themselves to fellow members. Build relationships and discover shared interests.
  • Actively participate in community activities like workshops, lunch & learns, member meetings, etc.
  • Take full advantage of amenities like high-speed internet, conference rooms, printing, software, and more.
  • Provide occasional feedback to space management about what’s working well and suggestions.
  • Promote the value of the space to administrators to help advocate for continued teacher access.
  • Share your learnings and experiences with colleagues back at their schools.

What kinds of teachers would benefit the most from using a coworking space?

Access can benefit all types of teachers, but especially independent or remote workers, part-time/itinerant teachers, special teachers, and STEM/STEAM teachers who have to transport materials to multiple classrooms.

How many hours per month would be reasonable to sponsor?

Most sponsorships cover around 10–20 hours per month. This allows for 1-2 visits per week for collaboration days, training, parent meetings, etc.

Are there online options if no physical coworking spaces are available nearby?

Yes, some coworking spaces offer virtual memberships with access to online communities, webinars, tools, and events. These provide valuable support at a lower cost.

Can schools use their own vacant spaces as makeshift to Access coworking spaces?

Absolutely. Many schools are getting creative in designing their media centers, teacher lounges, and other spaces to function as collaborative wework office space & coworking areas during certain hours.

Is it difficult for teachers to work productively in coworking spaces?

While coworking spaces can be more social, they still maintain professional environments with quiet spaces conducive to focused work. Many teachers find it easier to be productive than working in a confined classroom.

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Providing teachers with affordable access to coworking spaces offers tremendous professional and personal benefits. While budgets are limited, schools can get creative with partnerships, sponsors, and negotiating discounts to provide this valuable resource for teachers.

With some thoughtful planning and promotion, a coworking access program can enrich teachers’ practice and boost retention. Investing in spaces that facilitate collaboration and innovation for teachers ultimately pays dividends in improved experiences for students as well.

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